Diagnose your Suffering in Life

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Heart Wish!

May your Eye of Horus (conscious revelation) and your Eye of Osiris (unconscious habits) are united in the goal to experience life as it is.

The visable and non visable worlds

For how many years are you running in circles and try so solve your major life challenges all by your self? Your wishlist might include desires in the categories of Money & Success, Relationships, Health or Personal Growth, however they all related back to one of the 6 lost capabilities.

Did you escape your patterns? The good news is you cannot do it on your own. Stop you struggle by changing your perception first. Stop blaming and shaming the outer world and move inside. Look at the relationship you have or had with both your parents, look at your life and check when en whom are triggering your emotions throughout the day.

Be aware your charges come from the subconsciousness or invisable world. The two pictures below illustrate this concept very well.

inner peace iceberginner peace iceberg

What do you want to be restored in your life?

On your travel to planet Earth and during this life on planet Earth you might have lost a few things on the way. Traumatic experiences have been stored in layers within your heart sphere and are blocking inner light to shine beyond this layer. You need to be aware you need to ask for help to get out of your comfort zone. As an example you might need power to act and get out of victim behaviour.

Check your life and determine what you have lost!

victim mode

The six losts have been derived from studying sacred geometry and coaching individuals.

  1. You lost your purpose why you are here in the first place
  2. You lost your ambition and determination for new initiatives
  3. You lost your self esteem and personal love
  4. You lost your clarity, inmune system and connection with others and the divine
  5. You lost your power to act and the love for your parents (picture examples)
  6. You lost your compassion, satisfaction, gratitude and inner peace

The things you lost – and from which you suffer a lot – do have a very specific sequence and reflect the female knowlegde of the Flower of Life.


Spiritual Science of the Flower of Life

flower of life


Next to this female knowledge the male know-how is resident. The geometrical shapes – with the corresponding numbers – are concentric shapes expanding your heart sphere or life energy container. They represent the Design of the Divine by which the several layers are perfectly stabilized in order to prevent imploding. The divine is the architect of your celastial mansion and all 6 flow through you. You only might not be aware of them at this stage.


inner peace


The 6 spheres of Light within your heart are:

  1. Octahedron (double Pyramid)
  2. Seed of Life
  3. Egg of Life
  4. Tree of Life
  5. Flower of Life
  6. Matrix of Life

In case the light from within is blocked in one of these layers or better spheres of light you encounter challenges in life. If you know in which specific layer or concentric sphere your emotional charges are blocking the light to shine beyond this would be very helpfull. The stronger your inner light the more your are in the flow and everything comes to you automatically by grace. You have reached level 6.


Areas of your Life

In 90% of the cases your issues are in 4 major categories: Money & Success + Relationships + Health + Spiritual or Personal Growth. The charges inside of you – inherited from your 7 generations of ancestors – have created these issues. Your life is not your life. The charges inside of you from earlier generations are ruling your life like super magnets, which attract life events. However underneath this wish list are more fundamental factors.

Money and Success

With respect to Money & Success this is very much depending on the relationship with your father. Your father is the role model for independence when you were a small child. He is an example for working for his family, putting your breathing on your own lungs, studying to get a better paid job and so on. While your mother continues to do things for you, your father wants to stop this caring and wants you to do it all by yourself. The distance to money and success reflects the anger with your father. You might not feel this but it might be there inside for years.

Depending of the fact your father fulfilled his purpose in life and was successful you have this program inside of your cells to do the same. If not you might have more difficulties in finding your mission and executing your actions to get where you want to go. You might feel the struggle of your father’s charges inside of your attempts to execute your plans.


Relationship challenges are derived from the relationship, which you modelled as a small child. If you do not have a partner for many years you are angry with your father in case you are female and with your mother in case you are male. Be aware you might not be able to feel this anger at this moment but it does not mean it is not there. Belief me the outer world reflects the inner world. Always!

There are two options or you do not have a relationship for many years or the one your have is not satisfactory. For both it is important to know the phases of a relationship:

1) Being in Love (++++++)

2) OK (++++++++ –)

3) Doubt (++++ —-)

4) Wish to separate (———-++)

5) Divorce (—————+)

Whether this process takes place in 10 days or 10 years it does not matter. You need to know where you are and which role your mind plays. Your charges are ruling this process to a great extent.


Regarding health most individuals who are ill disagree with the statement their illness originates from charges. They simply do not want to embrace their pain but want to stay in victim mode. During your life the amount of life energy in your container is determining your general health condition. If your sphere of light at your heart has shrunken below a minimum your immune system falls apart and symptoms of illness will manifest.

As soon as you start to label your self as having a certain disease you tell you mind to stay that way for the rest of your life. It is very important to break to this collective programming of naming diseases.

Spiritual Seeking

Many individuals look for spiritual information and practices to grow and reach a state of enlightenment. If the source does not give results quickly they move on to another source. It is as if they pay for spiritual seminars like they buy goods in the supermarket. Everytime they escape pain as soon as spiritual practices brings them into their heart.